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Our Live Music

We have live Entertainment on the river seven days a week, every week!


August 2022

Monday 1st) Jimmy Mizz 5:30-9:30
Tuesday 2nd  Karaoke 6:00-10:00
Wednesday 3rd) Whiskey Ju Ju, 6:00-10:00pm

Thursday 4th) Logan Brothers band 6:00-10:0pm
Friday 5th) Heatstroke 6:30-10:30pm.
Saturday  6th) Matt Adkins & Julia Faith 1:00-5:00 pm
Saturday 6th Aquinas 6:30-10:30 
Sunday 7th Frank Rios 12:30-4:30
Sunday 7th) Murphy’s Law 5:30-9:30
Monday 8th) James Gang 5:30-9:30
Karaoke 9th) 6:00-10:00 
Wednesday 10th) Lee Zalnoski 6:00-10:00
Thursday 11th) County Roads 6:00-10:00
Friday 12th) JustUs band 6:30-10:30pm
Saturday 13th) FL Best DJ 1:00-500 13th)        Electric Frogs 6:30-10:30                                   Sunday  14th HWY 1)12:30-4:30
Sunday 14th Bucks barefoot band 5:30-9:30
Monday 15th) Jimmy Mizz 5:30-8:30              Tuesday 16th) Karaoke 6:00-10:00             Wednsday 17th) Stone Clone 6-10.               Thursday 18th Logan brothers  6-10                  Friday 19th) Phoenix 6:30-10:30                      Saturday 20th Matt Adkins & Julia Faith 1:00-5:00    Saturday 20th Radar Red 6:30-10:30                            Sunday 21st) Sax on the beach 12:30-4:30                  Sunday 21st) Aquinas 5:30-9:30                      Monday 22nd) Johnny Debt :530-9:30                        Tuesday 23rd) Karaoke 6-10                       Wednesday 24th Shovelhed 6-10                 Thursday 25th County Roads 6-10                     Friday 26th Last Call 6:30-10:30               Saturday27th Lee Zalnoski 1-5.                       Saturday 27th Remedy band  6:30-10:30                     Sunday28th Zan/Ricky 12:30-4:30                  Sunday 28th Switch N Whiskey 6-10         Monday29 Local Hicks 5:30-9:30                   Tuesday30 Karaoke 6-10                     Wednesday31st Kings County 6-10